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#28 - Multifandom

Hi friends! :) I hope you've been well. It's been a while since my last icon post. I'm still a little behind on posting icons but I'm getting there. Here are some icons I made for a couple of different challenges. It's a mix of films and TV shows. Hover for each fandom. I hope you like them and enjoy! ♥

{56} Mutlifandom

[Fandoms]{8} Jessica Jones {8} The Magicians {2} Vikings {9} Victoria {5} Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them {2} Friends {2} Breaking Bad {6} La La Land {2} Star Trek {2} The Grand Budapest Hotel {2} Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief {1} Hart of Dixie {2} Legion {1} Scream Queens {1} Arrow {1} Once Upon A Time {1} Hocus Pocus {1} The 100

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#27 - Movies

Hey friends! I'm back with a movie icon post. There's quite a few animation and fairytales ones. Hover for each movie or fandom. I couldn't remember specifically the movies for the Hobbit or the LOTR trilogies but they're together for now. I hope you guys like them and enjoy! ♥

{44} Multifandom movies

[Fandoms]{5} Cinderella (2005) {3} High School Musical {5} Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs {2} The Little Mermaid {3} Despicable Me {1} Deadpool {1} Star Wars: The Force Awakes {4} The Fault in Our Stars {11} The Hobbit trilogy {8} Lord of the Rings trilogy {1} The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

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#26 - Multifandom

Hi friends! I'm back with another icon post. It's a mix of new and old celebrity and fandom icons. Almost all of these were made for challenges at various communities. Hover for each celeb or fandom. I hope you like them and enjoy! ♥

Sidenote: Photobucket has pretty much died so my links for my earlier icon posts are all broken. I'll replace them at a later stage (once I find the patience for it) but that's a job for another day. :)

{60} Mutlifandom

[Fandoms]{1} Keri Russell {1} Katie McGrath {1} Holland Roden {1} Rachel Bilson {9} Lily Collins {3} Jennifer Lawrence {2} Robert Pattinson {2} Maisie Williams {3} Kellan Lutz {3} Elle Fanning {3} The Crown {3} Supergirl {6} Ashley Greene {2} Zendaya {3} Mackenzie Foy {1} Dakota Fanning {16} Kristen Stewart

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#025 - Celebrities

*brushes dust away* I'm back! Sorry it's been so long since I've made an icon post. I'm in the middle of organising all my icons so I'm working on trying to get it all done. Imgur has also been killing me lately with their site. Here are a mix of old and new icons. Most of these I made for challenges. Hover for the individual celebrities. I hope you like them and enjoy! ♥

{68} Celebrities

[List of Celebs]{4} Amanda Seyfriend {8} Anna Kendrick {4} Emma Stone {8} Jackson Rathbone {8} Kristen Stewart {8} Rachelle Lefevre {3} Emma Roberts {1} Rachel Evan Woods {2} Max Irons {2} Chloe Mortez {4} Teresa Palmer {2} Rachel McAdams {2} Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart {2} Leonardo DiCaprio {2} Lucy Hale {2} Scarlett Johansson {3} Shay Mitchell {2} Zac Efron {1} Zoe Kravitz

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Internet is Down!!

Hello there!

My home internet is down at the moment which means I'm not going to be online as much. It will probably be a while until they figure out what the issue is and fix it. :) So I'm taking a break. For the time being, I'll be going to the library to use their wifi when I have a chance. In case anyone has messaged me I won't be responding as promptly. :)

I'll keep you updated. :) Have a good day!

#021 - Requests Filled - Multifandom

Hi everyone! Here are the requests for all the giftees. :D I'm sorry for the delay in posting these. They definitely took longer than I thought they would. The tutorials requested will be posted later this week. :) Thank you for being so patient with me. I do hope you like them and enjoy! ♥

{11} Arrow (+ 1 banner) for midnight_owl13
{7} The Avengers for sanya4
{12} Once Upon A Time & Vampire Diaries (+ 1 wallpaper) for alexia_drake
{11} Jane the Virgin, Arrow, The Flash & The Originals (+ 2 banners & 1 wallpapers) for dreamwishdo
{11} The Walking Dead (+ 1 wallpaper) for keeper_of_stars
{1} Vampire Diaries banner for juneghost

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